The Brotherhood

September 28, 2010

Another epic journey through the life of the Assassins. The game’s coming to an end of its production.Will be out in November 2010. I worked on a few Secret Location levels, which some of them are in the main story gameplay and others are optional quests which if the player plays it they will unlock awesome stuff. So, I cant post the actual levels that I worked on till its officially released, but here I have some screenshots from the official forum and some video links of the trailer and some gameplay footage. enjoy! 🙂

The official Trailer of Assassin Creed Brotherhood

Assassins Creed Brotherhood : Enter Rome

Here’s the screenshots (more to come soon)

I’ll follow up on this post soon enough…


The Forgotten Sands

September 28, 2010

I had the opportunity to work on one of my favourite game franchise, Prince of Persia : The Forgotten Sands. it was great, because it brings back memories back when the game was on pc, hitting skeletons and jumping around avoiding spikes. The movie that came out after that, Sands of Time was also pretty here they are, some screenshots of the level I did and a walkthrough video of the level. I was responsible for the architecture design and art of the level. Its a garden in the rooftops of the palace, so its a level filled with greeneries and water flowing around it…

The Rooftop Gardens

and here is the link to the walkthrough video :

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands : Rooftop Gardens

DIRT 2…outdated

November 4, 2009

yeah, the last title I worked on before I left Codemasters…DiRT 2.  the game’s awesome! visuals were stunning, the cars were beautiful. everything was perfect! I managed to work on a few cars for DiRT2…and some hi-res interiors which I forgot which. But I do remember that my favourite car that I worked on was the BMW Z4 MCoupe. Loved it! gonna try and grab a few screenies to put here, and hopefully if I do have the mesh photos of it, It would be nice too…


ok here’s some…more will come soon 🙂




Live by the creed

September 11, 2009

straight to the good stuff

worked on this awesome title for almost 7 months now. It’s all good, had good reviews and tons of positive feedbacks. I worked as a level artist for the project. some screenshots and links to the trailer and gameplay videos. enjoy!






Assassins Creed 2 Visions of Venice

Assassins Creed 2 Official Trailer

It’s been a while…

September 11, 2009

its been a while I didnt post anything up, been quite busy with life n work. Just as an update, I no longer work for Codemasters Studios. Moved to Ubisoft Singapore on March. It still feels like a dream, working with one of the biggest name in the gaming industry, words cant explain…more update shall come soon


GRID Downloadable Content (DLC)

November 5, 2008

After GRID was released, I worked on the DLC cars…but only managed to do one complete car, the rest were just minor tasks…

I dedicate this car to my beloved wife, coz this is her dream car 🙂 I present to you the Honda Integra DC5…

Honda Integra DC5

Honda Integra DC5

The 3D mesh and wireframes

The 3D mesh and wireframes

OFP2 screenies…

November 4, 2008

I thought that it was supposed to be confidential…but you know nothing is confidential nowadays, plus I guess its a good marketing strategy to put up the ‘forbidden to see’ stuff coz its human nature to do things they arent supposed to…

found this while surfing around, screenies of the vehicles featured in OFP2 and among them is my ‘M2A3 Bradley’

page 10 of Playstation UK

page 10 of Playstation UK

my M2A3 Bradley

my M2A3 Bradley

its kinda small but more can be viewed HERE

I’ll post the 3D mesh later…probably after the game’s released which I have no idea when…